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To meet today’s water treatment limits , Tipton Environmental International can offer a water treatment system for your application. Our systems are based on properly treated feed water of 500ppm TDS at 77 F with silt index less than 5. Our capacity will vary upon changes in these conditions. In addition our units are designed for properly treated inlet water less than 2,000 PPM. Our TEII advanced secondary wastewater treatment processes can be used to meet those conditions. The TIPTON water treatment system is available for those design flow rates up to 28,000 GPD.



The purpose of the water treatment system is to remove unwanted substances commonly found in properly treated feed water and or well watered solids, such as sand of a waste stream to an permanent, dirt, silt, scale, sludge and rust. With carbon removes chlorine, odor, fluoride, THM, MTBE, pesticides, organic contaminants, dissolved particulate. This process is considered the water treatment process. Simple, but very effective -the plant operator can run the test to monitor the operation of the water treatment system.

The TIPTON water treatment system is a prefabricated factory-built unit complete and ready for easy installation at the project site.



This unit is also perfect for car washes or any light commercial application. Because the it has dual pre filters, pretreatment is not needed on most municipal water sources. When used with our prefabricated tank it is one of the easiest complete packages to install. With less headaches, cost of equipment, install time, and service time it proves



Unique Features

The TIPTON water treatment system features a compact design, GE Membrane, stainless steel Membrane housings, multi Stage SS Centrifugal pump, low pressure safety cut off switch,product and drain flow meters, 2 x 20 pre filter, control system, quality components ideal for retro-fitting, ease of installation, and simple operation.

State of the art, thin film composite,
spiral wound, reverse osmosis
membranes provide high rejection of
dissolved minerals, bacteria, colloids,
particles, and Organics. With the re-
placeable element for removing
suspended materials and extended
components life.


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